Probat 150 - Connecting Markets

When: September 19 – 20, 2018

Where: Probat, Emmerich, Germany

The PROBAT 150 Connecting Markets Coffee Symposium wasn’t only the highlight of the company’s 150th anniversary celebrations, but also the coffee industry event of the year. More than 500 leaders and executives of the international coffee industry gathered at the two-day event on September 19 and 20, to share their knowledge with each other.

Inspiring keynote speeches by reputable names of the coffee sector such as Marco Lavazza, Hans Melotte, Scott Rao, Ric Rhinehart and Tim Wendelboe, were accompanied by thought-provoking panel discussions. International representatives from science and research, coffee associations and coffee processing companies evaluated how to enable the coffee industry to tackle future challenges and to pursue sustainability-oriented policies.

The PROBAT Experience Session formed the supporting program of the symposium: at various stations, specially set up for this purpose, the company demonstrated its innovation leadership and engineering competence.

Wim Abbing, CEO PROBAT, concluded the event: “Emmerich is most certainly no metropolis. Today, though, our guests have made it the hub of the coffee universe.“

Connecting Markets - the film