Timothy T. Schilling

Founder & CEO
World Coffee Research

Timothy Schilling is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of World Coffee Research, the world’s first global, collaborative agricultural R&D organization for coffee. A scientist and development expert, Dr. Schilling was the first to bring widespread attention in the coffee industry to the fact that coffee is an orphan crop: grown in poor countries, consumed in rich countries, and researched in neither. Since its foundation in 2012, World Coffee Research has formed dozens of collaborative partnerships with coffee organizations, NGOs, and governments to execute applied R&D for genetic improvement and agronomic advancements for coffee. Prior to founding World Coffee Research, Dr. Schilling led two programs to rebuild the Rwandan coffee sector after the country’s genocide. Prior to his work in coffee, Dr. Schilling led several other major international initiatives, working with universities, the U.S. Congress, USAID, and national agricultural institutes across Africa and Latin America to establish research programs to increase sorghum and millet food supplies.